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Jeremy Kinser
Markus Gottschlich’s grandmother told him his musical gifts would always ensure him a living, if a
meager one. Today he plays in the most celebrated Miami venues.
“You have to be able to read the energy of the room and make adjustments in the...

Jazz Pianist Markus Gottschlich at the Betsy

"I first saw Markus play as part of a trio at the 2014 South Beach Jazz Festival and I was completely blown away by his incredible talent. (It's not just me—he is widely lauded for his ability to compose and play the piano.) Beyond producing and playing at the...

Miami Herald, 1.12.17

Miami pianist and concert producer Markus Gottschlich has been presenting international artists to South Florida audiences for more than four years. Recently, the founder of Jazz Academy Miami was inspired by his travels to Asia, where he first heard the buzz about South Korean band Black String.

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Markus Gottschlich and Friends @ Olympia Theater

"His exquisite technique , combined with a passion for jazz, created an intimate and cathartic atmosphere at the Olympia Theater. The many shades of his notes led the audience to experience all the states of the soul, reason enough to achieve one of the biggest ovations of the evening on...

Feature on Arts Review Miami

...Gottschlich's choices alternate adeptly between the most tender of love songs and more robust contrasts, but he also offsets the modern with an occasional classical work; a particularly wistful rendition of the standard Body and Soul is followed shortly thereafter by Rachmaninov’s Vocalise, lovingly crafted...

Interview with Artburst Miami

“The goal was to program a lineup that not only fits this year's theme of ‘Living Legends of Jazz,' but also stimulates and educates the audience," explains the festival’s artistic director Markus Gottschlich, himself a noted jazz pianist and composer....

"Of Places Between"- on

Following in the traditions of Chick Corea and Keith Jarrett, we find Markus Gottschlich ready to emerge as the next great pianist for a new generation.
Brent Black / @CriticalJazz

Of Places Between is the aptly titled sophomore release from this Vienna Austria native that grew up in what was... Album Review -"When the Day is Done"

Pianist Markus Gottschlich, originally from Vienna, Austria, ended up—in a roundabout way—in Miami, Florida. He wanted When The Day Is Done to reflect his experiences—many of them occurring late at night—as a solo performer, while presenting the album as an integrated program that flows through differing moods.... - "When the Day is Done"

Like a Shakespearean sonnet that goes to the heart of the matter, pianist Markus Gottschlich crafts melodic sonnets that express what lies inside the human heart and mind. His piano melodies on his debut album When The Day Is Done unlock thoughts that burrow inside his subjects minds and emotions.... Review of "When the Day is Done'

Jazz pianist Markus Gottschlich shows the many shades that emotive playing can deliver with sharp clarity and diligent fingering. His compositions on his debut album When The Day Is Done whisk listeners...