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"His exquisite technique , combined with a passion for jazz, created an intimate and cathartic atmosphere at the Olympia theater. The many nuances of his notes led the audience to experience all the states of the soul , reason enough to achieve one of the biggest ovations of the evening on Saturday ."

"...elegant, melodically remarkable ideas"
The Standard, Austria

"Pianist Markus Gottschlich is poised to become one of the country's leading jazz performers."

---Ricki Altman, Miami Magazine

“Like a Shakespearean sonnet that goes to the heart of the matter, pianist Markus Gottschlich crafts melodic sonnets that express what lies inside the human heart and mind. His piano melodies on his debut album "When The Day Is Done" unlock thoughts that burrow inside his subjects minds and
emotions. The music speaks the words that hide behind his character’s silence. It seems as though Markus can translate human thoughts and feelings into music, and interpret human stories into songs similarly to the way that William Shakespeare was able to translate human stories into English literature."

---Susan Frances, Music Critic, Jazzreview.com

“What cannot be debated is Gottschlich's skill as a player, and a painter of emotions via music…the nine selections feel much longer because of the wealth of detail, the constant surprise, and the depth of emotion that is present in virtually every moment."

---Budd Kopman, AllAboutJazz.com

“Markus Gottschlich's solo piano recital is relaxed, thoughtful and often romantic yet also witty and full of subtle surprises such as a striding version of John Coltrane's "Giant Steps." While he makes every note count, Gottschlich's playing sounds quite natural, as if he is sharing his thoughts and comments on life with the listener. Each listen to this CD brings out new details and beauty."

---Scott Yanow, jazz journalist, author of nine books on Jazz

"For such a young player, Markus has shown a highly developed technique and harmonic imagination....he has taken advantage of his experiences in Vienna and Miami to begin to create a fresh, new sound."

---Tom McDermott, pianist/composer, New Orleans

“Jazz pianist Markus Gottschlich shows the many shades that emotive playing can deliver with sharp clarity and diligent fingering…and produces an exciting exploration of the plurality of the piano's

---CD review@ Helium.com

“The piano is a extension of Markus Gottschlich's personality as truly as the trumpet was a conduit for Dizzy Gillespie's voice, and the guitar is another appendage that Eric Clapton was born with so natural in his hands. Nobody could imagine either Gillespie or Clapton without their instruments, which is something that both men have in common with Gottschlich. The piano became Gottschlich's voice when he was a little boy and his connection with the piano continues to grow stronger through time. His debut album When The Day Is Done displays his passion for classic jazz and his active imagination to interpret and compose music from patterns that show progressive threading and a flare for being debonair while exercising skills of improvisation.“

---from Artist Interview June 2008, Jazzreview.com